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Corsearch Digital Brand Solutions provides a complete suite of tools that empowers brand owners and their legal teams to detect, assess, and act against the most serious brand disparagement, counterfeiting, and domain infringement threats. Automated evidence collection, enforcement action, and case management deliver swift resolution.

Do you have the tools you need to protect your brand?

Corsearch Digital Brand Solutions

Corsearch’s patented technology gives you everything you need to find and evaluate the myriad of online threats to brands and to create usable infringement evidence with a fully automated solution. The Corsearch Digital Brand Solutions platform makes it easy to monitor vast amounts of complex data online, and delivers the information that legal and marketing professionals need to prioritize and act on the most serious threats to the brands they represent.


Protect your domain names, protect your brands

The Corsearch platform includes discrete modules with integrated enforcement and case management to accelerate brand protection.

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