Investigate domain name risks and identify cybersquatters stealing traffic and sales.

With new domain extensions, such as .xyz and .support, being released on a daily basis, web real estate is growing at an unprecedented pace.  The risk of domain infringers threatening your revenue and reputation is now an everyday reality. Malicious domain use costs trademark owners more than $1 billion each year due to lost sales, lost goodwill, and increased enforcement costs. (Source: Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA))

Investigate domains, audit domain portfolios, and find domain infringers.

Investigate web domains, globally

Mitigate risk

Screen for domains that may conflict with a desired trademark.

Expose trademark conflict

Assess conflicting in-use domains for reputation and infringement risks.

Increase transparency

Find undisclosed websites relevant to M&A due diligence.

Intensify investigations

Identify all domains associated to a single owner for deeper investigation.

Audit web domain portfolios

Accelerate content collection

Capture current WHOIS ownership records and screenshots in record time.

Monitor partners

Review websites for brand and regulatory compliance by resellers and channel sales partners.

Determine risk

Identify at-risk domains that are expiring or susceptible to hijacking.

Analyze results

Validate proper and expected domain name resolution.

Identify brand and trademark infringement

Find infringers

Detect and expose possible competitor infringement on your brand.

Stop cybersquatters

Find cybersquatters creating fake websites using versions of your brand's domains.

Collect evidence

Reverse WHOIS ownership data exposes infringement activity related to a single infringer.

Rank relevance

Priortize legal actions using proprietary threat indicators and collaborate with stakeholders.

Monitor and Manage Your Domain Portfolio

Now there’s an easier, faster way to locate and capture the evidence you need to address high-risk domain infringement threats affecting your client’s brands. Corsearch Domain Vigilance helps you quickly find, categorize and prioritize domain infringement to take enforcement action for fast resolution.

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