In 2014, 1.01 million fake shoes were traced to 60,000 websites.

Revenue from counterfeit and pirated goods is soaring to nearly $2 trillion per year, much of it happening through online marketplaces. Corsearch Market Vigilance identifies high-risk unauthorized and counterfeit listings and copyright infringement on the world’s largest online marketplaces and then automates the takedown process for fast resolution.

Fast, effective removal of counterfeit goods from online marketplaces.

Identify misuse of online marketplaces

Thorough search

Search the world's largest online marketplaces in 250 countries to find illicit sales.

Find counterfeiters

Find people using online marketplaces to sell fake versions of your brand's products.

Prevent brand-expropriating

Prevent unauthorized resellers from using your brand to sell competitors' products.

Stop rogue resellers

Find unauthorized resellers breaking sales contracts and agreements.

Prioritize based on risk

Automated assessment

Find and collect all possible misuse of your brand on online marketplaces and auction sites.

Rank relevance

Identify the counterfeit and unauthorized sales activities most relevant to your brand.

Determine risk

Of the relevant activities detected, which represent the greatest threats to your brand?

Plan your response

Generate a response plan based on a complete risk assessment.

Expedite enforcement

Collect evidence

Automatically collect screenshots as evidence of misuse of online marketplaces.

Generate documents

Send take down requests and cease and desist letters using each marketplace's process.

Centralize response

Collaborate with other stakeholders with centralized case management tools.

Accelerate enforcement

Cut the time and expense involved in stopping the misuse of online marketplaces.

Protect Your Brand Integrity

The proliferation of global online marketplaces makes protecting your brand more complicated than ever. Find counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers, get the evidence you need and take action with Corsearch Market Vigilance.

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