Whether you know it or not, disparagement by cyber criminals is a never-ending threat to your brand.

There are some 650,000 revenue generating eCommerce websites in the world, many of them selling fake products. Counterfeiting is no longer limited to fake and gray market luxury watches, handbags and DVDs. Today’s consumers are also exposed to potentially life-threatening counterfeit products and to malware designed to steal customers’ identities and credit cards. Corsearch Web Vigilance provides a comprehensive, automated solution to find and remove the most dangerous brand disparaging activities.

Find and stop brand disparagement before it devalues your brand.

Identify threats to your brand's reputation

Constant monitoring

Constantly monitor the web for disparagement activities on websites and social media.

Find counterfeiters

Find the low quality and dangerous counterfeits that damage reputations and revenue.

Identify malware sites

Stop downloads of malware from fake websites aimed at unsuspecting consumers.

Protect your resellers

Prevent revenue loss to legitimate resellers from look-a-like websites.

Prioritize based on risk

Automated assessment

Detect and collect all possible disparagement data for instant analysis.

Rank relevance

Identify the disparagement activities most relevant to your brand.

Determine risk

Of the most relevant disparagement activities, which have the most impact on your brand?

Plan response

Plan enforcement actions based on the results of a complete risk assessment.

Expedite enforcement

Collect evidence

Automatically collect screenshots and traffic data for disparagement evidence.

Generate documents

Create take down requests and cease and desist letters for enforcement.

Centralize response

Collaborate with other stakeholders with centralized case management tools.

Accelerate enforcement

Cut the time and cost involved in stopping digital brand disparagement.

Automated Brand Disparagement Protection

You need actionable intelligence to thwart potential damage to your brand’s reputation and to proactively protect your brand’s integrity. Corsearch Web Vigilance monitors the web for infringement or compliance violations, classifies the severity of infringement, and facilitates collaboration across your organization for quick resolution.

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