81 percent of companies consider "reputation" their most valuable asset.

Brand disparagement can happen at any time—from rogue websites selling gray market goods or counterfeits of your authentic products, or from hackers delivering malware or capturing your customer’s identity information. Corsearch brand disparagement solutions provide a comprehensive automated system to identify disparagement, collect evidence and manage enforcement efforts for fast resolution.

Today’s consumers are targeted by malware intended to steal their identity or trade secrets, as well as by low quality, even dangerous imitation products. These threats live on websites all over the world that are easily confused with trademarked brand pages, or on emails designed to look like branded content. They can wreak havoc on a brand’s reputation.

Brand protection

Are competitors or counterfeiters using your trademarked and copyrighted content to steal traffic and sales?

Reputation protection

Are customers returning low-quality counterfeit products to your brick-and-mortar locations?

Partner protection

Are unauthorized resellers using your mark and setting up rogue websites that hurt legitimate partners?

Introducing Web Vigilance from Corsearch

It can take years—even decades—to develop a company’s reputation. You can’t afford to stand by and watch your reputation suffer. Corsearch Web Vigilance is a comprehensive, automated solution to protect your brands from disparagement and get reputation damaging products and content off the web in record time.  

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