In 2008 it was found that 90% of Louis Vuitton bags sold on eBay were fakes.

Other brands estimate that as much as 80 percent of Taobao (Alibaba) listings mentioning their brand are fakes. As online shopping becomes the norm, counterfeit and unauthorized sales online have become an explosive threat to brands’ reputations and sales. Corsearch counterfeiting and unauthorized goods solutions help you identify and takedown reputation and revenue damaging listings from web marketplaces in record time.

Corsearch counterfeiting and unauthorized sales solutions help you find and takedown counterfeiters and bogus resellers that steal revenue and sell products that could fail or physically harm your customers. From a single interface you can locate counterfeit and unauthorized products on online marketplaces around the world and stop them with customizable tools that work directly with the largest marketplaces for fast enforcement.

Find counterfeiters

Are merchants on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay selling counterfeits of your products?

Stop unauthorized resellers

Are unathorized resellers using branded content to sell fake or competitive products?

Protect your customers

Are fake versions of your products made with dangerous or faulty ingredients available through online marketplaces?

Introducing Market Vigilance from Corsearch

Corsearch Market Vigilance delivers comprehensive coverage of the largest online marketplaces including eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, iOffer, Marktplaats and MercadoLibre. We scour online marketplaces to find and categorize the most damaging sites, gather evidence and provide automated enforcement tools that integrate directly with online marketplaces to accelerate takedowns.

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